About Us

Z-ro Risk Ltd specialised in technology and innovation consultancy since its creation. We are recognised for our expertise in commercially relevant innovation and knowledge exchange assignments. We provide strategy development, research, business planning, commercial due diligence and evaluation consultancy services. Our clients include investors, firms, universities and colleges, and public sector organisations of all sizes.

We are especially interested in maximising the commercial value of technology based start-ups, university spin-outs and firms wishing to maximise the value of their Intellectual Property (IP) or Intellectual Asset (IA) portfolios. We have specific experience of designing and evaluating business development, business engagement and knowledge exchange activities for universities, collegse and public sector organisations.

Most of our Associates have been working with us since our formation. We have links to collaborators in the Europe.

Our Key People

Al Mamun is responsible for the management & development of the consultancy team. Over the life of the compan, our clients needs have grown and became more diverse, and it is therefore his job to ensure that we have the resources and 'brainware' to deliver what is needed. Al Mamun is the person to talk to if you are interested in working with. He specialised in management stratigy process redesign, innovation system selection and project management, all of which he has carried over into BLue Stone. Paul is also involved in reviewing and negotiating contracts for our clients, aimed at achieving advantageous agreements with attractive commercial terms, based on his thorough familiarity with the supplier marketplace.

Zeeshan has extensive experience of company startups, technology transfer, academic collaboration with industry and commercialising technology. His experience covers strategy development and implementation, new product development, organisation development, investment appraisal and operational management covering finance, sales and marketing. He is an invaluable resource to help any IT business strategy, acquisition, commercial or contractual negotiation or implementation project. Or, if you have a 'problem' project, Steve's troubleshooting skills and experience have been brought to bear in the dealing with often complex commercial disputes and generally getting projets back on the track.

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